The English Verb: An Exploration of Structure and Meaning by Michael Lewis PDF

By Michael Lewis

Local audio system are not making Mistakes..

We have already remarked that the duty of the linguist is to explain the language because it is used.
It is necessary to not discard examples of genuine use, nor say that the speaker "has made a mistake".
Teachers tend to be ready to simply accept this, supplying they're given the escape
of announcing that convinced expressions are "not grammatically accurate".

No such get away is possible.

The notion of "not grammatically accurate" relies on a basic misunderstanding.
It assumes that grammar is prescriptive -- that it dictates how the language may still behave.
It is calling on the entire challenge the wrong way up. it's not the case that the guideline exist first,
and the language needs to healthy it. in actual fact the language exist first, and the grammar needs to describe it.
With this in brain something which a local speaker produces will be tested, and described.
Taking the other angle, restricts language unnecessarily.

Can you entire the next instance naturally?

Oh, glance. there's an individual hiking out of the window of that development contrary -- Oh ... fallen.

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X° can have semantic features f, as defined in (3). Complements of Z° cliticize onto Z° but never onto X°. Non-constituent sequences of the form [χ Χ°ι... X°„ ... WP should rather exhibit rather the opposite non-phrasal properties in (17). (17) (i') (ii') (iii') (iv') Y doesn't move as a unit, Y can't be ellipted as a unit, Y fails to block extractions, X°n has the main role in selection as head of X'. (v') Among the X°, only X0„ has semantic features f. (vi') Complements of X;° can cliticize onto Xi°.

Theflatstructure economy of semi-lexical heads 35 (34) *We [^{discouraged/prevented}] [BSwe] [ctaking] the job. *They [A'described] [B/iim] [c{dysfunctional/a bore}]. Grammaticality resurfaces when, following (33), an extra Ρ head, bold in (35), introduces the second complements. (35) We {discouraged/prevented] Sue from taking the job. They described him as {dysfunctional/a bore}. Here V assigns theta roles to its object and to this mediating PP, while the predication on the object (also a theta relation) is expressed not by the intermediate Ρ but by its object.

Chomsky 1965, 1973): (4) Deep Insertion. Full lexical items of category X (with purely semantic features f) must be inserted prior to transformational computation on any corresponding domain XP. )· No purely semantic features f at all appear on any categories other than Ν, V, A, P. ) LF, the interface of syntax with understanding and use of language. ). "Using a sentence" consists of assembling open class items from one mental faculty, the permanent lexicon, according to well-formedness conditions and then processing the result so that it can be presented to another, the interface with real world understanding.

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