The facts on file dictionary of environmental science by L. Harold Stevenson PDF

By L. Harold Stevenson

ISBN-10: 0816064377

ISBN-13: 9780816064373

This reference covers over 3000 environmental technology phrases and collates the language of execs in lots of assorted disciplines, together with: biology, meteorology, chemistry, microbiology, physics, social technology, geology, drugs, engineering, and economics. The references disguise the medical phenomena, laws, and environmental study that make up the large lexicon of environmental technology.

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Named for the Italian physicist Amedeo Avogadro. auxin A plant growth hormone. Synthetic auxins are used as weed killers. auxotrophic A term employed in microbiology to describe certain mutant strains of bacteria that require for growth the presence of some organic compound or metabolic intermediate that is not required by the parent strain. The requirement generally reflects the loss by the mutant of its ability to produce one or more of the enzymes needed in the metabolic synthesis of the compound or intermediate in question.

The particle consists of two protons and two neutrons: the equivalent of a helium ion. Although alpha particles only travel at most inches in the air, the ingestion or inhalation and absorption of radioactive materials that emit these particles are significant health hazards because the ionization occurs in intimate contact with body tissues. allochthonous Describing organisms that are nonnative or transient members of a community in a specific habitat. They do not carry out a metabolic function in that location, and they do not reproduce and occupy the habitat permanently.

Compare emission standard. alveoli The primary gas exchange strucambient temperature Natural temperature of the surrounding air. Normal temperature. tures of the lungs. Each alveolus has an extremely thin wall that facilitates close contact with blood capillaries of the circulatory system. The structure allows for very effective exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen between the air space and the blood. The millions of alveoli in the lungs are arranged like clusters of grapes at the end of each bronchiole, or small airway.

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The facts on file dictionary of environmental science by L. Harold Stevenson

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