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The Generative Lexicon provides a singular and intriguing thought of lexical semantics that addresses the matter of the "multiplicity of notice meaning"; that's, how we can supply an unlimited variety of senses to phrases with finite skill. the 1st officially elaborated conception of a generative method of observe that means, it lays the basis for an carried out computational remedy of be aware that means that connects explicitly to a compositional semantics. not like the static view of note which means (where every one note is characterised through a predetermined variety of be aware senses) that imposes a major bottleneck at the functionality potential of any typical language processing process, Pustejovsky proposes that the lexicon turns into an active—and central—component within the linguistic description. The essence of his thought is that the lexicon services generatively, first by way of supplying a wealthy and expressive vocabulary for characterizing lexical info; then, through constructing a framework for manipulating fine-grained differences in observe descriptions; and eventually, by way of formalizing a collection of mechanisms for specialised composition of facets of such descriptions of phrases, as they ensue in context, prolonged and novel senses are generated. the topics lined comprise semantics of nominals (figure/ground nominals, relational nominals, and different occasion nominals); the semantics of causation (in specific, how causation is lexicalized in language, together with causative/unaccusatives, aspectual predicates, experiencer predicates, and modal causatives); how semantic forms constrain syntactic expression (such because the habit of kind transferring and sort coercion operations); a proper remedy of occasion semantics with subevents); and a common remedy of the matter of polysemy. Language, Speech, and conversation sequence

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On the other hand , A semantically presupposes B if and only if both (a) in all situations where A is true , B is true , and (b) in all situations where A is false, B is true (cf . 17 To see how important these concepts are for determining lexical mean- ings, observe how (60a) entails the proposition denoted by sentence (60b ) . (60) a. John kill g Bill . b . Bill ill ~ . c . Bill is dead . That is, if there is a killing event , then there is also a dying event . Capturing such entailment relations was one of the motivations for lexical 25 The Nature of Lexical Knowledge decomposition search in That kill dying entails , becomes dying event Notice in but also action ( 62 ) ( 63 ) Thus the ~ to finish finished the exam a .

42) CAT = mass _noun GENUS = meat [ lamb2 ] The fact that these two sensesare logically related is not captured in the two representationsabove, but the sensesare distinguished by type , which is usually the most important consideration for compositionality . One possible modification to the SEL framework we could make, which would differentiate contrastive from complementary sensesfor a lexical item , would be to store complementary sensesin a single entry, distinguished by sense-identification number.

B. The window is closed. (8) a. Mary paintedthe door.. b. Mary walkedthroughthe door.. (9) a. The furm will fail unless we receive the subsidy promised . b . To farm this land would be both foolish and without reward . (10) a. If the store is ~E~ , checkthe price of coffee. b. Zac tried to open his mouth for the dentist. Following Weinreich's usage, I will refer to these sensedistinctions as complementary polysemies. Somehow, our model of lexical meaning must be able to account for how the word for bank can refer to both an institution and a building , how the word for window can refer to both an aperture and a physical object, and how stative predicates can also refer to causative acts.

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