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By Susan Wiggs

ISBN-10: 1551668807

ISBN-13: 9781551668802

A romantic novel during which a reclusive lighthouse keeper reveals his lifestyles is modified endlessly whilst he reveals the physique of a girl - subconscious and pregnant - washed up at the shore one morning. besides the fact that, she has a mystery that places them either at risk.

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He couldn’t help it. ” His words sounded awkward, inept. She blew out a breath and started walking again. ” He studied her as she moved away from him. ” She seemed not to hear. He could tell by the set of her shoulders that she was filled with doubts and regrets and other things he had no right to share. And that she didn’t believe him. That was what bothered him the most. He picked up a piece of wood and turned it over in his hands, then lengthened his strides to catch up with her. To walk beside her.

Jesse frowned. Common sense wasn’t working here. In truth, it was all too easy to see the Irishwoman as a creature of myth. She had appeared alone from the sea. She was shrouded in mystery. No one had come searching for her. She wore no wedding ring, yet she was pregnant. The foreign lilt in her voice only added to the mystique that hung around her like the golden glow of a lamp. She took a deep, shuddering breath that startled Jesse. He hated being startled. He hoped to God that word of her would get out quickly.

Still there. Still a part of her. She’d failed at every last, blessed thing she’d ever attempted, and she didn’t want to fail at motherhood. For a while, she held herself motionless, waiting. Finally, the baby moved. She’d first felt it a week earlier— the fluttering of fairy wings. A small, precious miracle grew inside her. Grasping the sturdy bed frame, she got up. She went outside to the necessary, seeing no one along the way, hearing only the morning birds of early summer and the whispery sighs of the wind through the trees.

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