The Minimalist Program: The Nature and Plausibility of by Fahad Rashed Al-Mutairi PDF

By Fahad Rashed Al-Mutairi

ISBN-10: 1107041341

ISBN-13: 9781107041349

The improvement of the Minimalist software (MP), Noam Chomsky's newest generative version of linguistics, has been hugely influential over the past two decades. It has had major implications not just for the behavior of linguistic research itself, but additionally for our knowing of the prestige of linguistics as a technological know-how. The reflections and analyses during this e-book include insights into the strengths and the weaknesses of the MP. between those are, a explanation of the content material of the robust Minimalist Thesis (SMT); a synthesis of Chomsky's linguistic and interdisciplinary discourses; and an research of the idea of optimum computation from conceptual, empirical and philosophical views. This publication will motivate graduate scholars and researchers in linguistics to mirror at the foundations in their self-discipline, and the interdisciplinary nature of the subjects explored will attract these learning biolinguistics, neurolinguistics, the philosophy of language and different comparable disciplines.

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Whereas the former refers to an intrinsic quality of the object of inquiry, the latter refers to an aesthetic feature of the theory under consideration. To put it in general terms, the contemplation of a beautiful natural world and the construction of beautiful scientific theories are two separate matters, although the former might sometimes serve as a hint as to how to proceed with the latter. On the other hand, and despite this distinction between conceiving and approaching an object of inquiry, the MP seems to derive both its conception of language and its approach to it from a common source, namely naturalism.

The general notion of “recursion” is instantiated by the syntactic operation Merge, which “takes a finite set of elements and yields a potentially infinite array of discrete expressions” (Hauser et al. 29 This constitutes the major claim of this collaborative work, and it does not immediately appear to signal a major departure from Chomsky’s pre-minimalist views on the nature of the language faculty. Consider, for instance, the following two passages from one of Chomsky’s early works, in which he draws “striking similarities between the seventeenth-century climate of opinion and that of contemporary cognitive psychology and linguistics” (Chomsky 1968: 15).

P. , the sentences generated will have to be acceptable to the native speaker . . In addition, we pose a condition of generality on grammars; we require that the grammar of a given language be constructed in accordance with a specific theory of linguistic structure. ” On one level (that of descriptive adequacy), the grammar is justified to the extent that it correctly describes its object, namely the linguistic intuition – the tacit competence – of the native speaker. In 16 The minimalist program this sense, the grammar is justified on external grounds .

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