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By Acrisio Pires

ISBN-10: 9027233624

ISBN-13: 9789027233622

This e-book unifies the research of sure non-finite domain names, concentrating on topic licensing, contract, and Case and keep an eye on. It proposes a minimalist research of English gerunds which permits just a null topic professional (TP-defective gerunds), a lexical topic (gerunds as enhances of notion verbs), or either sorts of topics (clausal gerunds). It then analyzes Portuguese infinitives, displaying that the morphosyntactic houses of non-inflected and inflected infinitives correlate with distinctive remedies of compulsory and elective regulate. It explores those and different phenomena to teach that stressful and occasion binding don't correlate with the distinction among keep watch over and raising/exceptional case marking (ECM), opposed to null Case theories of keep an eye on. A Probe-Goal method of Case and contract is followed together with a move research of keep watch over. The e-book then investigates diachronic morphosyntactic phenomena related to infinitives, verb circulate and cliticization in Portuguese, exploring a cue-based conception of syntactic swap grounded in language acquisition.

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It is expected [John reading the book]. (cf. (44d-e)) * John is preferred reading the book. * John is impossible reading the book. [John reading the book] was preferred. I prefer [John reading the book]. g. Chomsky 1981, 1986, Postal 1974 and references therein): (45) a. Mary believes [ Paul to be smart]. b. * Mary believes [John being smart]. c.. * John is believed [ being smart]. (46) a. Mary prefers b. * Paul is preferred iv. [Paul swimming in the morning]. [ swimming in the morning]. CGs can never occur as complements of subject raising verbs (47a-c), although they can occur as a single constituent in the subject position of raising predicates (47d): (47) a.

Bill believed [PRO to be a good friend]. However, contrary to what is argued by Martin, I show that there is no oneto-one correspondence between null Case/PRO and a [+tense] interpretation. First, there is a class of gerunds, which I refer to as TP-defective gerunds, that is related to CGs but can be distinguished from them by several properties, including the fact that they only license a control null subject (PRO). Crucially, different from CGs, TP-defective gerunds only allow a [–tense] interpretation (26a-b) (see Stowell 1982, who first discusses the existence of a [–tense] type to check/value the wh-feature of the partially moved wh-phrase).

1 for detailed discussion of some relevant problems for this approach). THE MINIMALIST SYNTAX OF CLAUSAL GERUNDS 27 (22) a. Jeff didn’t remember [ to buy groceries]. b. Jeff didn’t remember [what to buy t ]. (23) a. Sue didn’t remember [ buying groceries]. b. * Sue didn’t remember [what buying t ]. c. Joan didn’t remember [ visiting her relatives two years ago]. d. * Joan didn’t remember [when visiting her relatives t ]. However, as seen before, long wh-movement applies freely out of CGs, either from subject or object position (24) (see also (8)): (24) a.

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