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By Allison Lane

ISBN-10: 0451201663

ISBN-13: 9780451201669

While a scoundrel attempts to tarnish a tender widow's recognition, a valiant Earl attempts to fix the damage-and mend her damaged middle as well.... "A bold talent." -Romantic instances

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From Jenkins's description, I would call it gaudy and wholly unsuitable for a formal occasion. Since Jasper has never accepted blame for anything in his life, he decided Jenkins had deliberately turned him into a laughingstock. " "Petty. " "He does. ” Shivering from the chill near the window, she resumed her chair. “He is also sly. ” He folded his hands in his lap to prevent further touching. "Nothing. His real target was the chandler himself. Amy's ruin hurt Carruthers worse than if he'd lost his business.

The fact that Rockhurst had retired early was an ominous sign, but Laura had refused to listen. "You are imagining things,” she'd claimed, brushing her carefully lightened hair. " "I was not suggesting silence, Laura. But conversation requires two participants. " "He did not try. " Catherine had nearly choked, for the description bore no resemblance to Rockhurst. While she could hardly claim to know him, the passionate man who had accosted her in Exeter could never be pontifical. Yet she could understand the misconception.

Misfortune was part of life, rarely arising from more than a moment's carelessness or blind fate. Harold had often bemoaned life's cruelty—Mrs. Smith's long illness, Ned Thomas's death at age two, the fire that had destroyed the Hunt cottage, Mr. Barlow's broken leg... Jasper had caused none of those problems. Ned had been sickly from birth. The fire had clearly been an accident, witnessed by three people. And Mr. Barlow's horse had thrown him when a buck burst out of a copse practically in its face.

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