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I snarled. 舠I don舗t know. 舡 She handed me the note. I felt stupid for jumping to conclusions once I saw my name written with hearts around it. 舠Look, I舗m sorry about the way I acted. I舗m PMSing,舡 I lied. 舠Whatever,舡 she replied, then walked away in a huff. That舗s when I realized half the bar was staring at me and I舗d just made a real ass out of myself. I sat down and unfolded the note. Hey Baby, I see you over there in that sexy skirt. It舗s a real turn-on. Look, I舗ve decided that maybe we should skip dinner and get right to dessert.

We could have been good together, Donna. 舡 舠I know that, Shorty, but sometimes what舗s good to you is not good for you. 舡 舠Because of my mother and because of Dante. He doesn舗t want us to be together, Shorty. He never did. 舡 I was trying to soften the blow, but Shorty wasn舗t making it easy. 舠Fuck Dante! Fuck your mother, too. I舗m in love with you, Donna. You never even gave me a chance. 舡 舠I舗m sorry, Shorty, but I can舗t do that. I舗m not in love with you. 舡 I felt so bad and he looked so sad. 舠No one is ever gonna love you like I do, Donna.

She was more panicked now than when she was under my desk with my parents in the room. 舠All my husband舗s friends are members of that choir. 舡 I frowned as I watched her get dressed. A large part of me wished she舗d just say fuck it and stay, but I knew she wouldn舗t do that. Anita wanted the best of both worlds. She wanted the deacon舗s money and my body. What she didn舗t know was that, by picking up her clothes, she had just lost the latter. 舠Don舗t look so sad, baby. I舗m gonna make it up to you,舡 she promised.

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