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This spouse serves as a consultant for readers eager to discover the idea and legacy of the nice German theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer (1906-45). Its chapters, written via authors from differing nationwide, theological and church contexts, offer an advent to, and observation on, Bonhoeffer's existence and paintings, guiding the reader alongside the trails of his idea.

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L'enseignement non-dualiste d'Amma est des plus concret, vehicle il puise constamment dans des exemples de events de los angeles vie de tous les jours et utilise de nombreux aphorismes pour illustrer son message de paix et de connaissance de soi.

" Qui est animé d'un désir ardent n'a pas besoin de trois ans. Il atteint son yet en moins de temps qu'il ne faut pour percer une feuille de lotus avec une aiguille. Mais l'intensité de son désir doit être extrême. .. "

Au fil des chapitres du Tome 1, Amma répond à toutes sortes de questions, que ce soit au sujet de los angeles vie de famille et de los angeles vie spirituelle, ou le sens de l. a. sadhana [pratique spirituelle], los angeles méditation, l'Advaita [non-dualité] au quotidien, le rôle du vrai dévot, los angeles foi ou le karma. Amma n'hésite pas à parler d'elle-même, comme lorsqu'elle évoque ses souvenirs d'enfance.
Tome 2 est tout aussi riche d'instructions spirituelles des plus élevés, mais rendues entièrement accessibles par l'esprit d'universalité qui anime Amma. Elle y aborde, entre autres, les Écritures, le sannyas [renonçant], Om [la syllabe sacrée], l. a. sympathie pour les pauvres, los angeles colère ou los angeles persistence. ..

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’ouvrage se présente comme une nouvelle édition de l. a. contribution de Joseph Vcndryes ( 1960) à l‘ouvrage collectif Les religions des Celtes, des Germains et des anciens Slaves paru dans los angeles assortment Mana en 1948. Selon l’usage, l. a. discover nécrologique de l’auteur publiée par Édouard Bachcllcry dans les Études Celtiques (IX-1, 1960) vient étoffer cette réédition.

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Consciousness does exist, on the other hand, in possibly several dimensions or worlds at a lower level, These are at a lower level and include our own. The consciousness of ourselves, and of the Gods are on different levels and we exist in different dimensions in time and space. I The latest discoveries in physics reveal the existence of worlds that are small beyond our imagination. There are many kinds of energy waves in space, though we can see and feel only a small part of them as light and heat, we must note that they do not interfere with each other as they perform their many functions.

32. Many men are mutually Well-disposed, Yet at table will torment each other. That strife will ever be; Guest will guest irritate 33. Early meals A man should often take, Unless to a friend's house he goes; Else he will sit and mope, Will seem half famished, And can of few things inquire. 34. Long is and indirect the way To a bad friend's, Though by the road hedwell; But to a good friend's The paths lie direct, Though he be far away. 35. A guest should depart, Not always stay In one place: The welcome becomes unwelcome If he too long continues In another * s house .

For a long 36 I I time he was an admirer of Wagner until they quarreled and he then became a bitter enemy of the famous opera writer, He vilified democracy as the rule of cowards and mediocrity and called for a race of supermen to rule the world. Nietzche may have believed he was calling for a higher type of man to lead humanity, but his words were widely misinterpreted. The Junkers and tradesmen of Germany thought Nietzche meant them and so his ideas furnished some of the background of thought that went into the {Nazi party, even though he wouldn't have meant it to be that way, However, he may have meant hiw words, he contributed to Germany being the first country in &rope which seriously advocated that the pre-Christian deities should be restored.

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