Download PDF by Stephen G. Tilley (auth.), Douglas H. Taylor, Sheldon I.: The Reproductive Biology of Amphibians

By Stephen G. Tilley (auth.), Douglas H. Taylor, Sheldon I. Guttman (eds.)

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The zeros near the graph's origin correspond to males with immature testis lobes when preserved. These, by definition, had not yet reproduced even though pigmented vasa deferentia were visible through the ventral body wall. All four of these individuals were taken in late swnrner. Whiteside males become externally sexable at body lengths of about 30 mm. Of the eight males 27-31 mm dissected, half had mature and half had immature lobes, as indicated on the graph. The four specimens with immature lobes, however, were all preserved in late swnrner, and two of them (nos.

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