The Rich Man's Royal Mistress by Robyn Donald PDF

By Robyn Donald

Princess Melissa Considine of Illyria is readily captivated by means of billionaire Hawke Kennedy. She throws warning to the winds and shall we Hawke train her the way to love...and be loved.But Melissa is virginal and blameless. How can she deal with a guy of the area like Hawke? And she's been cited to place accountability earlier than love. yet to go away Hawke's mattress is to go away his life--what should still she do?

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Melissa teetered on a cliff edge of indecision. Some ancient instinct warned her that if she agreed she’d be giving away much more than a week of her time. He meant for them to be lovers, at least for as long as she stayed here. Could she do this and then walk away? Or was he suggesting something more permanent than a week spent mainly in bed? She bit her lip, wishing fervently that she’d had more experience in this man-woman thing. Common sense weighed in to let her know she was playing with fire, but a stronger, more dauntless spirit whispered that if she said no she might regret it for the rest of her life.

His arms bulged with the effort to control his response, but the rhythm quickened; above her, his face hardened into reckless lines and his eyes glittered. html Melissa met his hunger, matched it; the erotic waves surged, coalesced, fought together and finally united in a sweeping surge that hurled her into ecstasy, into such an agony of pleasure that she cried out his name and fell into mindless, helpless rapture. The same violent fulfilment overtook Hawke; she forced up reluctant eyelids, stunned by the intense power of his release, and watched as he too was thrown into that indescribable region where nothing else mattered.

Html planned for this afternoon? ’ ‘I’m going to work too. If you’d like, we’ll have dinner here. ’ His lazy smile reminded her of her demand that he stop making assumptions about her. Resolutely reining in a leap of anticipation, Melissa stole a look at him from beneath her lashes. As usual, she couldn’t tell what he was thinking, although she noticed a glint of amusement in his eyes. Did he really want to have dinner with her, or was he just putting the best face on the situation now that she’d told him she wasn’t going to be a pawn in an unknown game?

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