The secret life of movies : schizophrenic and shamanic - download pdf or read online

By Jason Horsley

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Movie blurs the road among delusion and truth higher than the other creative medium, you'll be able to argue. utilizing video clips to discover the subconscious nation-states of society so one can succeed in a greater realizing of what drives it, this ebook examines filmmakers and movies that heart on schizophrenic subject matters of alienation, paranoia, breakdown, myth, goals, dementia and violence, and that address--as entertainment--the schizophrenic adventure. The lack of person identification as mirrored within the motion pictures is investigated, in addition to the shamanic capability inherent within the broader topic

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Are we beginning to view society, humanity — reality itself— as basically fragmented and irrational and chaotic because we are becoming schizophrenic? Or are we becoming schizophrenic as a necessary response to the evidence that reality is intrinsically duplicitous, that 2. Courting the Other: Quests for Completion 35 it was even set up to be this way? It is all in our point of view, and the question of chicken or egg becomes irrelevant, finally, when one begins to realize (like quantum physicists, and like Neo in The Matrix) that, if our perceptions are true, there is no chicken and there is no egg.

The second enemy of the man of knowledge is clarity. By thinking he could see everything clearly and dumping Tuco (repressing his “ugly” nature, as if it were that simple), Blondy has wound up dying of thirst in the empty desert of his own solipsism. He succumbs to despair, but is saved at the last minute by divine intervention. For Christ, the second temptation was to cast himself down so the angels would lift him up. Blondy in the desert gives in, surrenders to death, and forces the angels to intervene (the chariot of the dead arrives).

There are two ways we can interpret paranoia: as what is beyond the mind, in the sense of having no actual reality outside of it; or what is “outside mind,” in the sense of being greater than the mind, transcending it, taking consciousness to the next plateau. These meanings are opposed: one states that the paranoid’s impressions are less than real, the other that they are more than real. Paranoia has generally been understood in the former sense — as something not founded in reality, that originates in the mind even as it unhinges it (in the same way, paranormal activity has been delegated to the realm of science fiction, unfit for serious research).

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