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Ostensibly written by way of an English knight, the Travels purport to narrate his stories within the Holy Land, Egypt, India and China. Mandeville claims to have served within the nice Khan's military, and to have travelled in 'the lands beyond' - international locations populated via dog-headed males, cannibals, Amazons and Pygmies. even though Marco Polo's just a little past narrative finally proved extra factually actual, Mandeville's was once well known, utilized by Columbus, Leonardo da Vinci and Martin Frobisher, and encouraging writers as varied as rapid, Defoe and Coleridge. This fascinating combination of truth, exaggeration and absurdity deals either interesting perception into and refined feedback of fourteenth-century conceptions of the world.

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The standing of ministerials in the thirteenth century was a complex mixture of both these elements. Despite great disparities in wealth and social standing, ministerials in the twelfth century were widely perceived by contemporaries as constituting a single and distinctive order within German society. In the thirteenth century, however, this unity broke down. The most powerful ministerial families, those holding fiefs of many lords, in possession of castles and exercising seigneurial authority in the countryside, had already begun to style themselves as nobiles in the twelfth century.

Further east, the Latin kingdom of Jerusalem became embroiled in the conflict of two new forces, the Mongols, of limitless ambitions, and the Mamluks, clear in their desire to sweep the Franks into the sea. The fall of Acre to the Mamluks in  did not undermine fervour for a crusade; but without a firm bridgehead beyond Cyprus a crusade for the recovery of Jerusalem became increasingly difficult to set in motion. It does mark a major moment in the history of the crusades, the point at which (except for the allied state of Cilician Armenia) the Latin presence on the shores of Syria and the Holy Land came to a decisive end.

By , the caballeros villanos were securely a part of a hereditary nobility that would thereafter define itself increasingly strictly by birth and lineage. In the late medieval cortes, this knightly nobility would sit together as a single estate. Social change amongst the Aragonese aristocracy was much less marked. The small group of ricos hombres in Aragon proper remained fairly stable throughout the thirteenth century, tightening their grip on their dependent tenants, and increasingly assertive of their independence from the crown.

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