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By Scott McClintock

ISBN-10: 1137478918

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ISBN-10: 1349579157

ISBN-13: 9781349579150

The important predicament of the publication is the influence of world terror networks and nation counterterrorism on twentieth-century fiction. a special contribution of this e-book is the comparative procedure, instead of the one writer concentration of many of the edited collections on terrorism in literature.

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In using this term, I am not at all referring to the very human and unnecessary-to-validate emotional response to the attacks and the loss of life from them. I am referring to the “American exceptionalism” that sees its status among nations and history as set apart in some special, providential way from the rest of the world, which sees history as commencing anew with itself, and regards itself as a kind of “Adamic” figure in the world (the “American 36 Topologies of Fear in Contemporary Fiction Adam” as an innocent, rather than an Adam guilty of original sin, of course – the “simple genuine self against the whole world” of Emerson’s journals, a line used as one of the epigraphs to the famous 1955 study by R.

I had never – for a second – considered this. The fact that the United States had made a mistake was clear from the beginning. Bosnia’s highest court investigated the American claim, found that there was no evidence against me and ordered my release. But instead, the moment I was released American agents seized me and the five others. We were tied up like animals and flown to Guantánamo, the American naval base in Cuba. I arrived on Jan. 20, 2002. I still had faith in American justice. I believed my captors would quickly realize their mistake and let me go.

The Supreme Court recognized a basic truth: the government makes mistakes. ” Five months later, Judge Richard J. Leon, of the Federal District Court in Washington, reviewed all of the reasons offered to justify my imprisonment, including secret information I never saw or heard. The government abandoned its claim of an embassy bomb plot just before the judge could hear it. After the hearing, he ordered the government to free me and four other men who had been arrested in Bosnia. I will never forget sitting with the four other men in a squalid room at Guantánamo, listening over a fuzzy speaker as Judge Leon read his decision in a Washington courtroom.

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