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A complete Linux distribution can contain hundreds or even thousands of packages. These are some examples of packages that you might find on an embedded Linux distribution, and their purpose: 36 37 • initscripts Contains basic system startup and shutdown scripts. • apache Implements the popular Apache web server. • telnet-server Contains files necessary to implement telnet server functionality, which allows you to establish Telnet sessions to your embedded target. [15] [15] This package is important enough to warrant its own chapter.

1. PowerPC PowerPC is a Reduced Instruction Set Computer (RISC) architecture jointly designed by engineers from Apple, IBM, and Motorola's semiconductor division (now an independent entity spun off as Freescale Semiconductor). Many good documents describe the PowerPC architecture in great detail. Consult the "Suggestions for Additional Reading" at the end of this chapter as a starting point. PowerPC processors have found their way into embedded products of every description. From automotive, consumer, and networking applications to the largest data and telecommunications switches, PowerPC is one of the most popular architectures for embedded applications.

A user space process can access only memory it owns, and uses kernel system calls to access privileged resources such as file and device I/O. An example might make this more clear. [13] The term thread here is used in the generic sense to indicate any sequential flow of instructions. Consider an application that opens a file and issues a read request (see Figure 2-6). The read function call begins in user space, in the C library read() function. The C library then issues a read request to the kernel.

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