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By Julius Alvin

ISBN-10: 0821752642

ISBN-13: 9780821752647

Julius Alvin offers a brand new choice of politically wrong, raunchy jokes approximately ethnic teams, homosexuals, ladies, politicians, and different unwitting targets.



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One to screw it in, one to b e a witn and the third to shoot the witness. How do you know when a kid is half:]e\-vish an d half-Italian? ,·er. Why was the Polish baby black and blue? His mother burped him with a sledge hammer. UI\TBEARABLY GROSS JOKES What do you call a Jewish pig? Roseanne Bar-Mitzvah. What do you call a J ewish racist? Ku Klux Klein. vVhy did the Jewish vampire die? He tried to get blood from a stone. \\That's a Mafioso's favorite m e al? Broken leg of lamb. 39 40 Juhus Alvin Sammy, an old Jewish man, is walking alo fi6 Miami Beach.

Because their own mothers d on 't trust them. H ow do you drown a blonde? Tell h er n o t to swallow. 60 Julius Alvin 'What do you call a hooker who services sadists: Someone who's strapped for cash. What do you call a doctor who treats only fat women's pussies? A rhino-cologist. What do you call an all-nude soap opera? " UNBEARABLY GROSS JOKES 61 A ten-year-old boy is dragged into court on a paterni~r suit. He hires the best lawyer in town. At the hearing, the lawyer asks the young boy to stand up and unzip his fly before the judge.

Odor-Eaters. What's a Haitian's favorite song? " What was the black kid's favorite book? The Cat in the Hat Be Back How do teachers take attendance in Bosnia? With a show of hands. U NBEARABLY GROSS JOKES 35 What do you call an Ethiopian with feathers up his ass? A dart. What does a jewish American Princess say right before she has an orgasm? " Why was the Jewish mother buried at Bloomingdales? So her daughter would come visit twice a week. I . 36 Julius Alvin What do you call sex witl1 a black man?

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